Protect Your Truck Bed With a Sprayed-On Bedliner



TOFF Sprayed-On Bedliners

TOFF is a two component, modified polyurea elastomer coating that, when applied, becomes solid in seconds. Once applied, TOFF creates a watertight seal to the bed, protecting it from wear, corrosion, and impact while enhancing the appearance of your truck. 

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The Best in UV Stability

  • Without the need for a topcoat or paying extra.
  • TOFF is chemically formulated to not chalk and “gray.”

Unmatched Chemical Resistance

  • TOFF protects from everyday chemicals that stain and corrode factory paint and other bedliners.

Ultimate Impact and Abrasion Protection

  • TOFF withstands the dents, dings, and scratches of everyday use.
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Lasting Durability and Functionality

  • Don’t choose between cargo stability or strength, HAVE BOTH!
  • TOFF boasts the highest strength for the tough jobs and enough flexibility to hold cargo in place.

First and Only GREEN Bedliner

  • TOFF is the ONLY sprayed-on bedliner made from renewable resources while also producing no VOC’s.